Sunday, 26 April 2009


New Photographs and Paintings by Marilyn Minter

Continuing her critique of the underbelly of glamour, for her second solo exhibition, Green Pink Caviar at Salon 94. Marilyn Minter will present monumental paintings alongside large scale photographs. By showing extreme close ups of tattooed and freckled skin, mouths blowing bubbles and tongues licking candy her work undermines our cultural taste for the clean and flawless. Playing with her own vocabulary of zooming and focusing in and out of the body, Minter finds the exact moment before the bubble bursts, the sweat dries or the candy melts. Minter’s monumental 15-foot painting, Pop Rocks, her largest to date, she explores the idea of painting with the tongue. Directing her models to lick brightly colored candies, Minter shot photos from underneath a glass plate. The tongues mixed the ‘paint’ with saliva, slurping and pushing the color around the glass surface. The result of this very Minter-esque action paintings are featured in two photographs, in which the models seem to regurgitate their own makeup, Gimmie and Chewing Pink.(green pink caviar)

green pink caviar
44 1/2
Marilyn Minter on le Zèbre
salon 94
Art in America
Pictures of the opening night on W mag's Gallery Go-Round
video interview from Creative Time

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