Friday, 17 April 2009


I'm in ❤ again!!! Love the paintings by duo artist DORMICE!!

Dormice are Heinrich Nicolaus, born 1955 in Munich and Sawan Yawnghwe, born 1971 in Burma
Dormice live and work in Tuscany

"A Gallery is very very proud to display the works of the extreemly important artists DORMICE. Their works are to be found in the most important collections in Italy and across the world (for example their work has been bought by Leonardo DiCaprio) and being resold at famous auction houses such as Christie's for ever increasing prices. The head of the Versace fashion house calls them up to do Art Directing for them or Roberto Cavalli sends them clothes for their models. This is the life of DORMICE!

In 2007 The World's Style Bible i-D gave DORMICE a giant 4 pages and in 2008 GQ Magazine put them in the 100 Best Things in the World."(A Gallery)

A gallery

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