Sunday, 26 April 2009


Craig Fisher
Born 1976, lives and works in Nottingham and London


1999 - 2000 MA Fine Art (Distinction) Goldsmiths College, University of London
1996 - 1999 BA Hons Fine Art (First Class) University of Northumbria at Newcastle
1995 - 1996 BTEC Diploma, Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Wigan & Leigh College

Craig Fisher Statement :

"Currently I am making large scale sculptural installations using various fabrics that question representations of violence, disaster and macho stereotypes. I reference and make work from cloth (including my recent wallpaintings) due to its rich wealth of associations. I employ textiles/craft, which are traditionally perceived as being associated to women to question people’s assumptions about what I’m allowed to be as a man and how masculinity is defined.
I am particularly interested in playing with boundaries, mixing techniques of art and craft I reference both high and low culture and compose narratives that sit between reality and fantasy. I make work that operates in a space in between disciplines/boundaries, the work is not identifiable as any one thing, be it image or object, craft/fashion or art, furniture or sculpture, high or low, masculine or feminine, functional or dysfunctional. I explore these boundaries as potential spaces of slippage, of accidents, which allow for discoveries beyond confined and referenced fields of art production. The audience will hopefully perceive this ‘state-in-between’ as a challenge to their habits of looking.
While the individual details of the installations I make may reference the latest in avant garde design, the overall impression is that you are being transported by your TV to the latest media disaster: Or is it a film set – Kill Bill meets South Park, The Shining via The Wizard of Oz and then back again through Bowling for Columbine! I am trying to create an aftermath of multiple popular references, which need to be unpicked. Familiarity, confused by representational play recedes leaving a nightmarish playground of soft-edged things to consider."



jasmine said...

very cool :) i enjoy the car.

Anonymous said...

it's nice to see your work again Craig!!! Hope you're fine!!!
from Nicolas (Sierre - Ecav!!!)

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