Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Carlos Quitério

Carlos Quitério just launched a new site called small drawings. This is how he explains it :

" is something somewhere between a digital diary of Carlos Quitério’s small drawings, and a place to simply observe or maybe aquire original artworks (if available), as well as signed, limited and authenticated copies from some of the artworks.

I made this, not just to rescue some drafts I had waiting to be finished, but also to force myself to get back into a non-commissioned, free from “commercially” outer influences or restrictive illustration work via briefings and directions, something that drawings and small paintings allow me to express and feel, which I have stopped doing as often as I wished to. I Could also call this “a personal broadcasting channel” where the drawings play the part of “illustrating” the moments and experiences, directly or indirectly, specifically, explicitly or vaguely, ironically or realistically, satirical or completely coded to the point of a non-sense interpretation where the words and expressions drawn, the titles of the drawings, posts, quotes and references become mixed with my current consumptions. It’s a cartography practice, made through a “thinking zapping” without any pre-defined, inherent subject or ideology."


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Marie!!

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