Saturday, 21 March 2009

Curve One

This focused and meaningful collection of paintings has emerged with a new found appreciation and respect for the understanding of family, life and death. Spending a great deal of time dealing with family loss, reconnections and experiencing a true commitment to relationships, Curve One has created a nostalgic air that is reflected in his work through precise execution in tune with profound meaning. With a graffiti influence and an extreme passion to simply create, his pieces are layered with spray paint, gold leaf and colorful drips of acrylic. These layers of paint in the background, represents the lack of value and authority with writing graffiti on the street being temporary and impermanent, easily buffed over the next day, symbolizing our ever changing existence. With reference to the delicacy of life, and coping with death, the idea of everlasting and fleeting existence is embodied. The evocative collection of new hand painted pieces, mixed media, and an installation to compliment the show, is sure to create reflection in one’s self (Shooting Gallery)

++Shooting Gallery

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