Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Adam Neate

I find there is a Francis Bacon look to Adam Neate's works. Surely, Bacon must be of major influence to the artist...

«ADAM NEATE first came to the public’s attention by bounteously leaving thousands of his paintings on the street of London, for people to take, or leave, at will. Since then he has rapidly become Britain's most exciting young artist and a much heralded painter at the forefront of a radical new movement in contemporary art.

Whilst the world is sitting up and taking notice of a host of emerging artists who began working within the realms of graffiti art - Neate is a street artist with a difference. His work is technically expert and has won him acknowledgement from Tate, National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery.

In August 2007, Adam’s first one man show at Elms Lesters, the sell-out exhibition entitled PAINTINGS. POTS and PRINTS demonstrated his masterful use of different materials, garnering global interest.

His gallery pieces, the majority of which are still painted on cardboard, have immediacy and a raw energy, through the use of aerosols, marker pens, and acrylic and gloss paints.

Adam Neate is a fearless painter who is constantly experimenting with styles and techniques, and continually pushing forward with his work. He is mastering the mediums of both cardboard and canvas, with complex layering and bold use of paint.

His paintings fall into one of three categories, ranging from his coveted self portraits, complex three dimensional cardboard works and narrative, social documentary paintings.

His fluid brush strokes, and impeccable line are apparent in both his two dimensional pieces and his multi-layered three dimensional works.

Art historian Ben Jones' fascinating and in depth interview with Adam Neate is published in The Elms Lesters Book

Elms Lesters is the primary source of works by Adam Neate.»(Elms Lesters)

(Thanks again to Andre for this discovery!)

++Elms Lesters
++What What's photo gallery on Flick'r

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