Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Influenced by pop art, Boudro paints NY in a colorful and joyful way. Born in Sept-Iles, Quebec, he now lives and works in Montreal.

His initial compositions reflected the impact of his first visit to the Big Aple with yellow cabs as their main character. Edging away from his earlier focus, his compositions now reveal a wider vision and a deeper understanding of the chaos of the metropolis. His passion is now aired in a more complex overfield and detailed composition, symbolizing movement, rush, stress and crowds. Boudro works with perspective and in-depth effects, where volumes and colors interact to reflect chaos, always with a touch of humour. He now puts emphasis on two ever-present mediums : advertising and comic strips. (Go Art online)

+Galerie Géraldine Zberro
+Go Art online

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