Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Gail Albert Halaban

In her latest series, Out My Window, Gail Albert Halaban has ventured into the private spaces of New York City, photographing its inhabitants and the views that define their lives. In a world framed by windows, there is both an intimacy and remoteness in the proximity of so many strangers. Though the archetype of the photographer training her lens on her neighbor is easily associated with the voyeurism of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, the experience Albert Halaban records is far less menacing. In as much as we are aware of our display, the city is also on display to us. Window and camera are inextricably bound in the framing of a world.(Robert Mann Gallery)

Again, some images that awaken the voyeur in me. Today, I realize I like to look at people, but I don't like to be looked at. This must be why I really enjoy this kind of photographs; I can look and there is no way my presence can be detected... The best of two worlds?

+ Robert Mann Gallery

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