Friday, 30 January 2009

Erin Haydn O'Neill

Just before Christmas, I talked about photographer Erin Haydn O'Neill's new book, Ambiances d'Artistes, a book that showed the home interior of artists from around the world. I got my very own copy of that book last night (I had ordered it from my local library). I have to say I was pretty excited to look at it and that it met my expectations. The interesting part of this book is that some of the presented artists are deceased and their environment were kept intact by relatives. In some cases, the homes feel abandoned, empty, but still hold the spirit of the occupant they once use to have. My favorite story/house is the one of Richard Winther, a once prolific artist who decided at some point in his life that he didn't like the company of others and isolated himself in the middle of Lolland woods, in Danemark. He lived there as an ermite in a weird house where he drew all over the walls, sometimes sexual explicit scenes, sometimes ogers devoring women. Every room has a different feeling. One contains animal bones and hair, another one contains old radio station. The general impression is creepy. Erin Haydn O'Neill was the first photographer to enter his house and to get to photograph it before Winther's death.

For now, the book is available in German (under the title Wohnkuns) and in French. The english version should be available next year. If you wish to get a copy, you can always contact Erin's gallery here.

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