Saturday, 3 January 2009

Bradley Price and Joel Yatscoff's American Comfort Quilt

Bradley Price and Joel Yatscoff created for CITIZEN: citizen collection this quilt called : American Comfort Quilt. This handmade art piece, a limited series of ten, includes 58 logos of mass-market retailers, fast food chains and other corporations that participate in the creation of the contemporary North American identity and condition. Iconic North American brands such as these have given both comfort and identity, yet we feel ambivalent or even negative toward their hegemony over our cultural and economic landscape. It is the problematic balance between familiarity and alienation which this quilt seeks to examine.

CITIZEN has this online retail space and this is how they explain their concept :
"CITIZEN:Citizen reflects upon and engenders the current observations within culture, offering the notion that objects and products can act as insights into our cultural preoccupations. By doing this, we set about to re-imagine and re-assess new ways of seeing our culture through the objects and the world they inhabit.

How does this happen practically? We find the most interesting artists and designers in the world whom we believe are actively and effectively seeing with the ideas they manifest in objects. We then take those objects and find the most exceptional way of producing them because we believe that the message is as important as the medium. Finally, we place those objects in the hands of those that resonate with us—stores, galleries, museums—so that those objects can expand into other parts of the world."

So that is how they asked Bradley Price and Joel Yatscoff to create this quilt. Bradley Price is a product and furniture designer living in New York City and Joel Yatscoff is a Toronto-based product designer.

Among the other products presented at CITIZEN (not designed by Bradley Price and Joel Yatscoff), you can find coke spoons,

Gold Pills,

the always helpful Shoplifter Tote and many other very very useful things. Really, no irony here.

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