Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Keith Tyson is offering a free work of art

The Turner-prizewinning artist Keith Tyson - who famously won more money by betting on himself than he did from the prize cheque - is offering a free work of art to the first 5,000 Guardian readers to download an image from his website after midday today.

Each work will consist of a unique randomly generated sequence of vertical stripes in red, black and green - the colours of the roulette wheel. Every image will have its own title, based on the geographical location of the user, and a serial number.

The limited-edition prints relate to a body of work by Tyson called the History Paintings, a group of paintings also in stripes of red, black and green, with the arrangement of the colours dictated by spins of the roulette wheel. Tyson's artistic preoccupations include mathematical models, gambling, the operations of chance, and the systems, random or otherwise, governing human history.

To participate or to read the rest of the article, go here

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the said...

Hey Marie-Helene

Thought you, or anyone else who is now a winner/owner of an original Keith Turner, might be interested in this:

Keith Tyson 5000 is a project that grows out of the DNA of Keith Tyson's History Paintings. We hope to create a piece of crowd sourced internet art with the community of winners that we can gift back to Keith Tyson.

It's so exciting to see a Turner Prize winning artist creating internet art; inviting the crowd to participate and own a work; bringing with him credibility and taking the genre to new audiences through media partnership with The Guardian.

Please be assured that Keith Tyson 5000 is undertaken in the spirit of collaborative art practice and the gift economy. There is nothing sinister behind our intentions.

We will be contacting everyone very soon with more on the concept and so we're inviting everybody to get involved (the response so far has been fantastic).

Just to assure you we will not do anything with peoples personal details; we are very aware of data protection.

We are not associated with Keith Tyson; just fans of his History Paintings project and want to foster a Keith Tyson 5000 community to all co-create some collaborative art.

The website is coming - email us or go to our facebook page for more info:

keithtyson5000@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Keith-Tyson-5000/37393139087

The curators

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