Thursday, 18 December 2008

Keith Tyson 5000

Some fans of the Keith Tyson 5000 project thought it would be nice to collect the pictures of the «winners» and post them on a blog. They say : « We hope to create a piece of collaborative Internet art with the community of winners that we can gift back to Keith Tyson. »
Consequently, if any of you have one of the prints, it would be nice to get your camera out.

I decided to participate and "give back" too. So here's my picture with my print. And I'm such a dork, I'm holding the print upside down. Therefore, the green bar should be on the right.

I could've kept quiet on that fact, and nobody would have known the difference. Still, I had to say... I AM slow-witted! (I know what you are thinking... yes, yes, I'm blond. But this has NOTHING to do with it...)


Francois said...


Le zèbre bleu said...

Mmmmmm. Ça dépend du point de vue!

En tout cas, c'est certain que je n'ai pas cette luminosité dont parle Leibovitz... M'enfin.

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