Thursday, 30 December 2010


I am taking a break from my vacation because my dear friend from high school, Leyla Nahas, just sent me an email about this 3D mapping competition she has been organizing in Lebanon and I thought it was absolutely amazing. And since it's going on now... I couldn't wait until Janurary 6th to talk about it. So here it is.

What is 3D mapping ?

A new form of urban art is popping up in cities throughout the world. Urban Projection Mapping, as it is loosely known, is the art of creating video displays that make buildings come alive in light, color and motion. Armed with powerful technology, a handful of enterprising video artists create vivid, visually arresting video displays that are projected on urban architecture. These videos tell stories, form abstract imagery and in some cases, sell products.

So this is the first 3D mapping competition held in the Middle East. It is a non commercial urban art event that takes place over 6 days on the facade of UFA's building in Martyr's square, Beirut, starting on December 22nd until December 31st.

15 competing visual artists are giving life to the UFA building and the event is open to the public for free. Here's the trailer :

If you're interested, read more about it here and here.

Ok. Well now, see you next year!


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Carl Poulin said...

Amazing, c'est pas l'mot!!!

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