Friday, 3 December 2010


Short 1 minute piece, with soundtrack by Tom Hill (Origami Biro).

TRISTAN HUTCHINSON Photographer and Filmmaker based in Dublin, born in 1980.

"I studied Fine Art after an art teacher of mine in school pulled me aside and told me that one day I would surprise people. I had no idea whether that was a good or bad thing.

I did a degree and gravitated towards photography and video, because I was rubbish at painting and too afraid of sculpture.

I had to work a lot during this time (for a cinema) and found myself spending more and more time at work at not in college. The natural conclusion was to combine the two, so I made work about the physical spaces of cinema and the human nature within it. People shuffle and move in their seats at exactly the same time. Its a collective consciousness.

I then moved to Ireland and forgot about all of this.

After working in various jobs, I came back to making, video-ing and taking pictures. An MA in Film Production provided me with enough drive to move away from what I feel, at least for myself, was the lazy awkwardness that was gallery-based, ‘abstract’ artwork, and the MA gave me a grounding in producing narrative based work.

I am equally interested in film and photography and find often that the two medium (though not too distinct in form) inform each other - still, filmic portraits, documenting spaces, places and people.
Its about capturing that beauty in the mundane, the everyday and lives lived in spaces. The evidence of the human in occupied and modified landscapes, traces left behind in contemporary nature by man yet appearing largely absent in their obvious forms. I shoot anonymous places – street corners, sea fronts, forests, neighborhoods and places passed by momentarily on the train. Along with an aesthetic of lines and boundaries, these landscapes offers up a vision of the ‘place’ being stage-like, a theatre where everything exists both for a finite amount of time, and trapped forever within the imagination.

This liminality also serves as the possibility of what lies beyond – over the horizon, past and beyond the frame of the image. It is not about being trapped within the confines of the space, but what lies within and what could lie outside; the limitlessness of imagination. Hope, expectation and possibility." (TRISTAN HUTCHINSON)

Just slow down and look at this ordinary moment of life. See how beautiful it is, see how life flows around us, how everything shimmers with possibility. - Paul Graham


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