Monday, 24 November 2008

Nelligan vu par... Rohrer et Garou

Nelligan vu par... (meaning Nelligan as seen by...) is a project thought of by Artifex and old Montreal's luxury hotel, the Nelligan where 12 artists (and I am a part of this project, as one of the painters) honour Quebec's greatest poet : Émile Nelligan. Presented over a period of two years, every event invites a painter and a public personality to expose their contemporary vision of Nelligan's life and works through a series of paintings and literary works.

Garou and Jean-Daniel Rohrer will be the first pair to commemorate the poet. The exhibition will be held in the atrium of the hotel, tomorrow, november 25. Guess where I'll be tomorrow night! I'll try to take some pictures at the soirée and will post them on wednesday or thursday.

1 comment:

Francois said...

Excellent peintre et fidèle ami ce Jean Daniel, je l'ai photographié à quelques reprises pour ses catalogues:
le 7 avril 2006 sur mon blog

C'est bien votre travail, félicitations.

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