Saturday, 2 May 2009


"Amie Bolissian studied Painting at Central St. Martin’s and Chelsea College of Art in the late 1990’s. She has been working and exhibiting since then with solo and group shows in London, Sao Paulo and L.A. She has also sold at auction and is listed at Christie’s.

She is often to be found in collaboration with her sister, Inge Bolissian, Designer/Maker and Conceptual Artist. Their work is a fine balance between almost anachronistic romantic narratives and a distinctly contemporary awareness of post-modern illustrative mythology and cinematic nostalgia. The juxtaposition of the finely produced decorative additions and unfinished quality of the painting emphasizes the dreamlike/fantasy quality.

These work from their latest project, 'Last Night At The Hummingbird Hotel', contain scenes of intriguing and haunting narrative that evoke the vulnerability of the mystery characters, trapped within their stories.

The emotions are ambiguous but there is an air of melancholia and the frailty of humanity which pervades the faded, vaguely realised decorative elements.

The characters almost seem as if they could be in different rooms of the same hotel. A large, sinister, haunted mansion house; perhaps playing host to numerous implied tales of despair, loneliness and fortitude fresh from the artists’ own difficult life experiences or maybe just a record of various nightmare visitations of past hurts.

The intriguing nature of the content is reflected in the contradictory use of smudged but detailed pencil drawing in the background, almost surreal decorative surroundings and oils applied using predominantly watercolour techniques."(re-title)


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