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"I was born in 1980 in Riga, Latvia - a small country of just 2 or so million inhabitants, in the North of Europe - which was at that time under Soviet occupation.

Both of my parents were computing device engineers, trained to operate strange ancient computers in a size of a room, in Soviet science institutes.

I myself was a recluse dreamy child, searching for the most appropriate occupation in different fields of culture since early age. Around the kindergarten finishing time the future was clear to me at last - I was going to be a painter. I was incredibly inspired by the children book illustrations, by painting school of Russian realism, by incredible Soviet animation masters, by the subtle images of my devoutly Catholic granny's religious postcards reproducing European Renaissance masters' Biblical theme paintings etc.
A prospect of being one of the people able to create such powerful visual imagery was equal to a prospect of being half-god myself.

My parents approved my profession choice, as being an artist meant a respectful and prosperous life in Soviet Union - as long as one was tractable to the system of course.

I entered maybe the most respectable art elementary school in Latvia, at the age of 10, and, guarded by the best Latvian professional artists, was pressed to paint and paint, and paint, at least 5 hours a day just painting, more and more hours of painting with each year, to achieve the craftsmanship of old masters. It was like a factory for producing skilled workmen. I started participating in international professional shows, events and projects
since 1995, age of 15.

The Soviet occupation was just over; Latvia was a free country struggling for political and economical self-dependence and stability. The public space was overflown with colorful profuse imagery of the western pop culture, for me - rare secret items, surrounded by mystical atmosphere, making my heart gallop.

Being an artist was not so preset, plain and settled path anymore. But I went on, to the Art Academy of Latvia, finally receiving my Fine Arts Master's degree in painting.

I've been searching and creating, making my images since then, experimenting with ways and means to depict the poetry, symbolism and magic of the everyday life of the bizarre insubstantial world we're living in.

I have exhibited and sold my work in events, shows and prestige galleries all through Europe (UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Finland,Belorussia, Switzerland etc.) as well as in several parts of US.

I still live and work in Riga." (JANA BRIKE)


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