Wednesday, 8 June 2011


"Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Albert Einstein.

“What I am doing today surprises nobody more than myself”, claims BARBARA COLE, a self-taught photographic artist who has built an extraordinary career in image making over the past two decades.

Since dropping out of high school to discover what it was she wanted to do, it seems that photography found her, identified her and ultimately saved her. Working as a model in her teens, Barbara was offered a job a as fashion editor for a then fledgling daily newspaper, “The Toronto Sun.” That led into an opportunity to shoot the weekly fashion spreads.

Barbara used this time to develop her skills enough to open her own photographic studio in the early eighties. Since then, Barbara has sampled directing via television commercials, worked for an extensive list of advertising clients all the while carefully juggling her treasured artistic career.

Barbara always remains true to her artistic vision carefully following her inner voice. Her work is exhibited world-wide and Barbara is widely collected by both public and private institutions.


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