Sunday, 20 February 2011



Demons is a series of photos of the mascarons (grotesque masks) of Pont Neuf in Paris.
Mythology, demonology, folklore and literature, from all around the world and any time, had been used for the demon’s names.

The series of photographs try to explore the relationship between images and feelings, in terms of expressive communication and emotional dialog, exploring the iconography of fear, suffering, malice, sadness, etc. The series is also concerned with the limits between reality and fantasy, how it’s possible that inanimate objects come to life and seem to share the same emotions of human beings. The series is thus a manifestation of the limits of photography to reveal the true essence of reality, when there is only stone we see our nightmares become true.

Finally, one last goal in these photographs, is to rediscover the importance of the fine-art print as an object. For this reason an edition of all the photographs is printed using traditional carbon transfers, perhaps the most difficult and time consuming technique of printing. It is at the same time one of the finest in the history of photography. All the prints are completely hand made, and produced in collaboration with Damiano Bianca, one of the few people who still teach this technique in Italy.


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