Monday, 31 January 2011


Here are a few pictures from 2 series by photographer ANDY ANDERSON. But this artist's portfolio is very impressive for his size but also for the quality of his work. On the hundreds of pictures he shows on his 2 websites, I could have picked them all to showcase here, as they are all beautiful and interesting. So ANDY ANDERSON's websites are definitely a must. Very inspiring.

“There are a lot of things I guess I could choose to do with my life. Photography is the path I choose, it’s my passion. It is the only thing that really feels right for me. I have asked my young children to seek their passion. Hopefully they will. As for me, making pictures quietly and unheralded is when I work the best. 

Life is grand!”


Andy spent his childhood in Orlando, Florida and entered the Air Force at twenty-one where he eventually discovered his passion for photography. Toward the end of his military career, he began in earnest to translate a hobby into a new career and eventually landed near Boise, Idaho where today he bases his commercial photography business – a business that takes him around the world. His landscapes and portraits have brought international acclaim and his images for clients Nike, Harley Davidson, Wachovia Bank and Outside Magazine have won numerous awards.

When Andy is not pursuing his passion of photography, he chooses to spend time with his children and wife along with two dogs at their home which is located outside of Boise in an area that looks very similar to some of his majestic western landscapes.


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