Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Born in 1980, ALICE JARRY lives and works in Montreal. She graduated from Concordia University where she obtained a Major in Design Art and a Minor in Digital Image and Sound.

Alice Jarry first began exploring visual arts through multimedia. Interested in the relationships and contradictions existing between the digital world and analog processes, she became interested in the modular aspect of silk-screen printing, which would become a key technique in her work.

In 2003, she co-founded Cinqunquatre, through which she designed custom projects for various clients like fashion and interiors designers as well as music bands. Some of her recent commissioned projects include a line of custom wallpapers for the Mildred’s Temple Kitchen restaurant in Toronto, a site specific mural created along with studio partner Jason Cantoro for Chef Zak Pellacio’s The Fatty Crab restaurant in New York and a serie of pieces for Alfa Romeo art collection in Milan celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary.

At the same time, she’s working on many silk-screen printing projects of her own, allowing her to refine her technique and artistic interrogations on space and imaginary territory. Since 2005, her work has been seen in over tirthy events and exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the United States.

"My work consists of silk-screened prints on wood and paper through which I integrate various mediums: drawing, painting, digital art, linocut, engraving, photography and found images. Just as there are many possible ways of looking at a situation, wood and paper are subject to countless layerings and reconstructions. In the end, there is no edition – each print being unique and produced in different formats and materials.

Through my work, I question the interchangeable aspect of image, the relationship between the subject and his physical, immediate environment: modularity, sequences, repetitions, inversions, appearances, disappearances, repeated motifs and reorganisation thus allow me to interpret my relationship to space, to sample it and to re-arrange it constantly. I like to take images out of their original context, breathing new narratives into it – for me, their history and setting don’t belong to the past so much as they are forged through layering.

By showing everyday objects, urban furniture, fibre motifs, and by revisiting architectural elements, I interpret this environment in a real or metaphorical way. I am fascinated by the blurred and often imaginary frontier between place and non-place. My aim is to find the space left to a vernacular, domestic or personal landscape in a more public and global context."


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