Monday, 1 February 2010


STILL LIFE explores the surprising relationships that people maintain with vibrantly realistic erotic dolls - beyond sexuality. Treated as spouses in every respect, these female replicas play a role in the daily emotional lives of an ever-increasing number of men.

WHERE: Galerie SAS, 372, Ste-Catherine, suite 416, Montreal.
WHEN: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 6:00pm - 9:00pm


JF Bouchard did a show in Februrary 2008 called SECRET SOCIETIES (the pictures make me think of Diane Arbus 's works). He presented photographs that explored a new social phenomenon. In the past, tribes existed for the purpose of survival and grew out of geographical proximity. Today, modern tribes form for radically different reasons. The way technology and the social fabric are evolving allows the development of often misunderstood groups or secret societies whose members are drawn together to share their very special interests. Fetishists, nudists, hippies, ravers, medievalists, aficionados of pornography or tattoos have no qualms about searching the world to find like-minded souls.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS BOUCHARD travels the world seeking out people whose interests and lifestyles are out of the ordinary. He is fascinated by new forms of social interaction and how these affect people who would formerly be marginalized. He is also the president of Sid Lee, a creativity firm with 300 professionals working from Montreal, Amsterdam and Paris for clients such as adidas, Cirque du Soleil and Red Bull.



Lady Ren said...

The dolls are very creepy, wasn't there a movie about a man who kept a wife/doll?

Zèbre bleu said...

I don't know about the movie but yes, the whole idea of living with a doll is creepy. I actually thought the dolls were well made, very realistic. I would have never imagined sexual dolls to be works of art!!!

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