Saturday, 13 June 2009



The project text portrait is an internet art project, that with the help of partly automated search programs, looks for biographies of public characters (Public Person) to list, rank, categorize and evaluate in order to create the visual portrait. The choice of the portrayed person is made partly by Google keywords-search, meaning, who is searched for in a specific timeline in a category.

The art project text portrait deals with the multi liberal handling of personal data. Personal data (photos, biographies, text etc.) was partly found fully automated and was at that time exposed to anyone!
The art project text portrait combines photos and text to a so called „TEXT PORTRAIT“.
The internet art project text portrait is a non-profit-project, meaning, the project does not have any commercial or marketing strategies.

A portrait is a painting, a photo, a sculpture or another artistic display of a person. The intension of a portrait is, next to the display of the physical similarity, is also to express the character, respectively the personality of the portrayed person.

If you now extend the basic requirements of a portrait by the name, the biography, the finger print, an iris scan or the DNA, the portrayed person becomes more and more recognized without a doubt among a multitude of people. Therefore, the society can easily respond the needs of an individual.
A text portrait can start off with the NAME, the BIOGRAPHY or the PHOTO. Only the combination (symbiosis) of the single components form it to a text portrait.(Text portrait - About)



Camille said...

This art project is great. Thanks for introducing me to it!

Le zèbre bleu said...


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