Monday, 8 June 2009


"James Marshall, aka DALEK, lives in North Carolina and his work is vibrant, young, raw and energetic yet sophisticated and refined.

"I was always been interested in art although I was never any good at it. I never really tried painting until I started college in 1988 (VCU in Richmond, VA). I took a few art history courses and messed around a bit painting abstract messes... but that was really about the extent of it. I didn't get into graffiti until 1993 when I was living in Chicago. Although I had messed around with tagging, if wasn't until '93 that I started painting walls and came up with the tag name DALEK."

His paintings are brightly coloured and in the past have featured creatures he calls Space Monkeys, which are clearly influenced by his teenage years spent growing up in Japan.

His most recent paintings have metamorphisized into the most incredibly complex abstract works which have grown out of his meticulous attention to detail and his amazing sense of colour and composition. DALEK's work has been exhibited Internationally in galleries and institutions."(Elms Lesters)

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