Friday, 20 June 2008

Sako Kojima

Sako Kojima is an artist who uses all kinds of mediums to express herself. Lately, she lived in a glass house, where she mimicked an hamster for 6 days. She says : « This performance is so hard because Sako was moving all day long as a hamster. quickly running, biting wood, paper and scratch wall. »

This is what she says about her work : « I use a variety of medium including sculpture, performance, photography and drawing to explore the people of modern society.At present I'm interested in the psychology of diseased human psychology for the civilized world, because it' s the almost same as my pain.Human is thinking animal therefore, we tire, sad, go mad. I 'm thinking, I want to become just a small animal, because they don' t meditate, they aren' t thinking deep.It' s the reason, I' m doing animal performance.But all of my works are rather optimistic than gloomy .At first sight, the works appear unique and cute but after time the works show a sense of irony pain and sadness of individual human experience. »

Watch her performance here. It's actually pretty funny...

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