Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jennifer Lefort

Jennifer Lefort received a BFA (with Distinction) from Concordia University and an MFA at York University in Toronto. She is a recipient of the prestigious Plaskett Foundation Award, an advancement/travel grant she used to further her research in Berlin, Germany. Her paintings are found in numerous collections including, The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Giverny Capital, Hydro-Quebec and Abbott Laboratories. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Jennifer brings a life experience to her practice that reads of patience, independence and a tremendous value of respect for individuality. She lives in Toronto where her husband is an Officer with the Toronto Police Service - it is no coincidence that Jennifer’s gestures and manic mark making relate to the everyday she lives- where life and death are crucially evident and sometimes fleeting. Her paintings portray some of this in what is understood as fast but still all at once- high drama- albeit a colorful, plastic and whimsical depiction but drama none the less.

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