Thursday, 27 September 2007

Save the text save the words

My name is H725 and I come from 2059.
I'm part of a group called SAVE THE TEXT SAVE THE WORDS and I have embarked on this voyage for a specific purpose.
I am not pulling your leg or trying to make fun of you.
I know it is difficult to believe me, but I am here to save the world.
My mission is to save text from being destroyed.

I come from the future to stop a catastrophe, I come from the future to stop them.
I've only have 21 days at my disposal.
I only have 21 days to stop them and save us.
Afterwards it will no longer be possible to halt the decline of humanity.

I come from a time in the future in which every type of communication is audio and
video; I come from a time in which text, and all written words, no longer exist.
They started it all. will start it in 21 days.

I am here to stop them and I need your help.
In the time I live, they are everywhere.
They have no roots and it is difficult to understand where it all began.
The only thing we know is that it started here in Italy on September 27th at 15.32 hrs.
My mission is to discover exactly where I can find them, and then to eliminate them. must be eliminated and any possibility that what they are creating here and now
can actually take place. They must be stopped. Now!
I beg of you, my forefathers.
Help me.

In my video I open my window about your future.
My only luggage on this trip is what you can see through my eyes.
It is a vision of the future.
Do not be fooled by the fascinating images that you see moving.
Everything in the future has become superficial, immediate and ephemeral and it all
because of them.
I am running after a symbol.
A precise logo.
I need you. has started to manipulate the world you are living in today.
Whatever changes you should feel or see, contact me and let me know.
I need all your attention and all the assistance you can give me.
Only us togheter. Your help can stop this tragedy.

If any text surrounding you should be transformed into an image, then is close
If any text you see starts with their logo, then is near you!

I will check my blog every day.
I will go on-line again tomorrow.

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