Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Eppur si muove

«Eppur Si Muove ("and yet it moves")
Galileo Galilei - 1633
Galileo's theory that the earth moves round the sun went directly against the teachings of the church, ie.the Earth was the the centre of the Universe and the Sun revolved around the Earth. Galileos enemies in Rome argued that this was scandalous and heretical because it contradicted the Bible. Galileo was summoned to Rome to stand trial.
On June 22nd 1633 in his final interrogation he confessed his ''error'', pleaded for mercy and signed a handwritten confession. The famous legend states that after sentencing he was heard to mutter ''eppur si muove'' (''and yet it moves'')
The sculpture seems abstract. But if the earth moves and the sun shines through the sculpture, its shadow will turn into words: Eppur Si Muove. This will be the clearest on June 22nd, the date that Galileo pronounced these words in 1633.

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