Monday, 20 August 2012



VESNA BURSICH was born in Turin in 1974.

From a very young age, she consistently devoted a large portion of her time to drawing and painting, creating an intimate and almost secret relationship with her works and trying to seek in shapes and colours the expressiveness that words failed to match. Her interest and her need to observe grew stronger toward any kind of visual art, from15th-century classical painting to contemporary art.
After completing her Restoration Studies, in 1998 she graduated in Painting at the Accademia Albertina in Turin. Attracted by different descriptive forms, she can skillfully face oil painting on canvas as well as digital processing or other experimental forms making her work a multifaceted experience.
Her research is directed towards the representation of those emotional states affecting also her life course.
Although her works are not always immediately understandable, they will make your eyes lingering to observe, moving a memory deep in your heart, a memory that could be a question or an answer, a suggestion or a blame. A meeting or a confrontation, direct, fearless and honest.


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