Thursday, 7 June 2012



Roy Nachum's current body of work is entitled Open Your Eyes, which continues to explore Nachum’s signature themes of perception and vision, consists of paintings and an installation and is divided into four parts, Parallel Realities, Color Blind, Invisible Mirrors and Sea of Crowns.

Parallel Realities is a series of paintings exploring the subtle play of illusion and reality. In some of the paintings a precisely painted animal appears along with an emotional yet ambiguous human. The demeanor of the animals seems to resonate with the emotional core of the people with whom they are paired, suggesting the commonality, universality and complexity of emotion. In other paintings the subjects are seen in multiple poses, as in a photographic double exposure, indicating their variable and sequential emotional states and the complexities of their characters. As in Nachum’s earlier works, the paintings are made on a ground that is subtly inscribed with a poetic text in Braille written by the artist. Over-painted color fields interact with the human and animal figures and the Braille, bringing a dreamlike and interactive depth to the visual plane.

Color Blind is a series of circular canvases based on the Ishihara Color Vision Test, which is used to diagnose color blindness. In each the image is formed by a field of colored circles that function as “pixels”,

and in each a Braille message is written as a circle within the circle. To a colorblind viewer these images would be visible but relatively hidden, demonstrating that human perception is variable and considerably subjective.


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