Monday, 1 August 2011


ELLEN ROGERS is an all-analogue fashion photographer. Through her work, Rogers creates timeless dream worlds where temptresses seduce and lure you into unknown, dark lands. A firm believer in the art of analogue photography, Rogers does not utilize any digital equipment or computer based manipulation (other than scanning the end result) and has developed most techniques through experimentation with traditional darkroom processes.('Excerpt by Tricia Rock')


I am desperately trying to find something.
My search in the black foam and the fog of my psyche.
I see no other way to that place/emotion/world, oh I don’t know.
I saw it in a dream recently. I knew instantly I would be there again.
I hope I am there again.
I need to find that place, to right the wrongs, it is the punishment that I need, perhaps?
I can feel a reality slipping away from me, with this drive replacing it, this quest.
Where my problems are worked out and my worries are confirmed and made corporeal, real worries walking and seeing, they are deformed and contorted ideas in the flesh (and in the fog), where in there/here even your taunts will leave me smiling.
I think I will get there, perhaps I will see some of you there.


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