Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I find trauma might be a strong word for this series... I agree, finishing a plate of gooey spinach when you are a child might feel like the end of the world, yet I would not call this a traumatizing experience more of an annoying or disturbing one. But putting the choice of word apart, this series of pictures made me smile, because it is true that where ever you come from, some things are universal. No child likes to eat gooey spinach or likes to say goodbye to a gold fish in the toilet or likes the dark or likes appendix surgeries (even adults don't like this one, right?).


"Psychological trauma is an emotional or psychologial injury, usually resulting from an extremely stressful or life-threatning situation. Garl Gustav Jung interprets the psychological trauma as immediate event directly impair the human being, as consternation, anxiety, shame, loathing, etc.

Have you also been forced to finish your spinach or glass of double skin milk in the school canteen by your governess?

Nowadays, (maybe subconscious) I should always left some spinach on the plate edges. I can not, I won't finish it.

In Slovakia, consumption of milk is on the decrease. We stop to drink the milk. Governesses had stop to push children to drink milk in the school and kindergarten.

The best way to learn how to swim is to throw you in the water. Bullshit. It's the best way how to pour cold water on the child, therefore I'm still afraid to move away too far from the river bank.

Football gate it's a target. The primary role of the goalkeeper is to defend opposing team's shots on goal. He defends by his own body. They use to put me almost always to the gate.

Do you know how earthworms crack when you scrunch them?

I've started the "traumas" theme over a plate of unfinished spinach. Step by step another "trauma" camo out from my memories. I've recocnized them, I've talked about them and I realized that there are personnal traumas that affected whole generations. I've started to deal with it in my mind and alos in my photographs.

This is the way how I created my selection, selection box of sweets I've been forced to eat up in childhood.

Unfinished spinach
Double skin milk / hot milk
Grope in the dark. Power swith
Appendix surgery, and all hospitals traumas
Football gate I use to stood in like a traget
Dead aquarium fish had been flushed down by my mother
First and last day of swimming classes, when my trainer tried to drown me
Earthworms on the road, their smell especially in the morning after the rain."(JAN SIPOCZ)



Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

What an interesting- series- I'm a bit traumatized myself!

Zèbre bleu said...


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