Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Here are some pictures of my last show.

The 2 art commissioners, myself and Pascale Wilhelmy, who read a text the night of the event.

Pascale and I.

And this picture is not very good, but I am with my past art teacher, that I loved very much and that has inspired me very much. His name is JACQUES LAJEUNESSE and he is an amazing painter. I was very happy to see him after all these years!

Thank you to M. GÜNTHER SCHWERMER for allowing me to post some of his pictures (the first 6 pictures up here and that last one)



Lady Ren said...

Oh I love your painting- Beautiful. You are so talented!
Looks like everyone had a wonderful night- Congratulations.

Zèbre bleu said...

Thank you so much :)

lala said...

WOW you are gorgeous
the painting looks wonderful
youre talented!

Zèbre bleu said...

Thank you :)

Heather Gray said...

Congratulations! Your paintings are beautiful. I especially like portrait with the shadow across the eyes. Very nice work. I hope to see more.

acidolatte said...


Zèbre bleu said...

Thank you all!

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