Thursday, 25 March 2010


In TIM EITEL's emotionally complex and stirring paintings, the artist conflates fragments of images and memories of everyday life with print and film media, as well as the history of art. Using formal, realist painting techniques, Eitel creates disconnected worlds extracted from time. The artist isolates his anonymous subjects from their contexts, profoundly elevating the significance of every gesture and nuance. Past and present, memories, feelings, and associations converge, evoking ambiguous narratives which force viewers to reexamine their own perceptions of society and to see that which they often allow to become invisible.

The new works (Invisible Forces) are based on pictorial elements isolated from photographs that Eitel takes on city streets as part of an ongoing investigation of the world surrounding him. Eitel uses ambiguous settings and distills out all reference to motion or change, allowing the works to become a lens into the viewer's own contextual references and associations. -There is a saying that we only see what we know, and sociologically, this notion might explain why it is so easy to ignore the homeless, the cardboard boxes, and the pigeons, that are all over the streets,- Eitel explains; -If you don't -know' these things, they become invisible. But in front of a painting, you bring so many things you know already-your expectations, taste, opinions-that you can't help but look at the subject with other eyes. A painting is much like an invitation to go and see things differently.-


TIM EITEL was born in 1971 in the southern German city of Leonberg, near Stuttgart. He graduated with a degree in painting from the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig in 2001. Eitel first gained recognition as a co-founder of the collective art gallery, Liga, in Berlin. He joined PaceWildenstein in 2006 and his first solo-exhibition at the gallery, Center of Gravity, was mounted the same year.

Eitel has participated in more than fifty exhibitions worldwide since 2000. He has received a number of prestigious scholarships and awards throughout his career, including the Marion Ermer-Preis (2003) and the Landesgraduiertenstipendium, Saxonia, Germany (2002). He was granted an artist's residency in the International studio programme at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin in 2002. His work is part of numerous museum collections and important private collections worldwide. The artist lives and works in New York City. (source)




towy said...

j'aime vraiment ton blog cela me fait découvrir plein d'artiste que je ne connais pas, et m'inspire pour mon travail
bonne continuation : )


Zèbre bleu said...


Moi aussi ça me fait découvrir plein d'artistes... c'est pour ça que je le fais. Je suis donc toujours contente de pouvoir partager et aussi faire profiter à d'autres mes découvertes!

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