Monday, 18 January 2010


These are pictures from PAUL BARBERA's LOVE LOST series. Probably like a little black book, LOVE LOST is a site of personal pictures presenting girls the artist meets in different country. I display pictures from this site, as I like the intimacy and softness of this work. But Barbera has many other websites. One shows his "work" pictures. Very colorful and appealing photos. Another one, called WHERE THEY CREATE, showcases artists and creatives in their working environments. I am getting addicted to this last one cause I LOVE that kind of stuff.  Very cool work, very cool photographer.

Thanks to Jeriko who just sent me a comment, here is an explanation of the artist about his LOVE LOST series :

"[...] I want to study the desire of an ex lover. The memory of what was. Returning to an old situation, an ex-lover, is comfortable and familiar and the experience is loaded with memories. Objects and smell invoke the past, the good, the bad, the times you argued and the time it was intimate and sexy.
"love lost" is that moment when you think of your past relationship in an erotic way and you let the memory consume you. Guilt. Pleasure. Relief.

The interior is as much a part of the story, in fact in the state of play, the action and reflection of an erotic moment is almost second to the atmosphere of the room, space and interior. The image can also focus on a detailed object. Perhaps show the contents of her purse, an unmade bed, or the details of something personal you love or feel connected to.

Just as commanding are images that capture a silhouette, an impression of the a moment - reflection, walking, standing getting dressed." (Barbera @ Jeriko )


PAUL BARBERA was born in Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1994. Paul works between Melbourne and Amsterdam, also living in various locales that include Berlin, Prague, Singapore and Rome.

During this time, Paul established himself as an interiors and fashion photographer, working with publications like View on Color, Bloom, Elle Decor, Freudin, Grazia, Vogue Living and Jalouse. Paul has also worked extensively on advertising productions either working closely with his agents or putting together his own creative team for clients like Moorilla (a boutique winery), David Jones, Coke (Asia) Ikea (Netherlands) and Wolfblass. His work has taken him to places like India, New York, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Italy and Bali to name a few.

Working on advertising and editorial work while also expanding into new projects that include books and exhibitions. Paul’s recent solo show, Happy Together, was a personal exploration on loss.

In 2008, Paul was commissioned by a book publisher to document the work of a Dutch interior designer, which took him to Indonesia, Spain, The Netherlands and France. He is now working on his next show and a number of other self-initiated projects.

Many of these projects are ongoing as his personal work is often shot over long periods of time--he perceives this work as ‘studies’.




Jeriko said...

I also featured him, respectively Love Lost a while ago, you can check out what he has to say about his project over at my blog post.

Zèbre bleu said...

Thanks a lot for your comment!!! I just updated my post with your new info!

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