Tuesday, 6 October 2009


"Mario Jean was so consumed by drawing and illustration in his initial period of artistic interest that photography was barely addressed. Those first years of creative experiences gave him time to master the basics of visual art techniques and has had a tremendous impact on the projects he works on now.

Among the many topics he explores, portraits and street photography are among his favorites. His interests, not only in visual aspects like movement, perspectives, color (or absence of color), shapes and detail, but also for introspection, observation, philosophy, irony and humor makes him a unique witness to the human condition. He is inspired by several artists, but Doisneau’s work has helped him most in finding his own artistic approach.

Mario is a multidisciplinary artist whose personal and professional projects often include more than photography. He understands the importance of visibility when it comes to the bond that should exist between art, the artist and the public, therefore he created his own website using a self-taught approach. He is also rediscovering illustration and is learning more about typography, web and graphic design by returning to school."(Mario Jean)


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