Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I am currently working on a series of paintings inspired by contemporary dance having been immersed in that environment throughout my childhood, my mother being a choreographer. I have absorbed many of these images as a child and being able to recapture them by painting them allows me to externalize them.

The relationship between the fixed image and movement really interests me. To captivate the eye by transforming the clear into a blur and the fixed into a movement is an active ingredient in my research. I paint in a very instinctive way, following the example of the expressionists who fascinate me (Francis Bacon, Paul Rebeyrolle, Jenny Saville, Vladimir Velickovic, Cecily Brown). Through the colours, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the painting, I attempt to create works which truly represent bodies in movement without distortion.

Without having a clear idea of the final result, I stop my work before it seems finished. The moment where little is enough to suggest the stucture interests me, leaving the spectactor's imagination open at the moment the scene is starting to appear. Knowing when to stop before saying too much is what I'm trying to do.

LOU ROS (Merci à Éric Bolduc pour la découverte!)

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