Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Matthew Woodson

Matthew Woodson is an illustrator. This is Matthew Woodson's blog. I like his blog because he dosen't really talk about his final drawings, but more about his process, the work itself, the questions and difficulties of getting it done. And I have to say it is kind of reassuring to read about his insecurities... than I feel like I'm am not the only one who fears to fuck up a drawing by putting color on it or that I'm not the only one who fears perspective! And when I look at the work of really good illustrators, I always think that it is soooo easy for them... so... thanks Matthew Woodson!

By the way, Matthew Woodson has a beautiful website too!

1 comment:

Nezha said...

Hey, thanks for introducing us to some great artists. Appreciated.

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