Saturday, 17 November 2007

Concours de photographies d'art public

What Peace? by Michael Nolan.
At Burning Man 2006 (Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA)

Orrin, membre de Flickr, fait ce concours sur Flickr. Je vous fait un copier coller de sa description de concours :
Sure, we can go to an art museum to see works of art, but that isn't necessary has been installed all around us, both legally and illegally.

Photos for this competition should be of art installed in public places. If possible, you should also post the name of the artist (let's try to give credit where credit is due) and its location. [Google is your friend!]

Submissions for this competition should be posted as discussion on THIS thread, and should be a small sized photo as described in the INSTRUCTIONS. Add your photo, and if you have it, the artist's name and the location of the installation.

Entries from your photostream will be accepted, though photographs shot specifically for the theme are always encouraged.

This competition will run for ONE WEEK from Nov 12th 2007 to Nov 19th 2007. ONE entry per person please.

Les photos envoyées sont toutes plus intéressantes les unes que les autres et nous font faire une petite visite de certains coins du globe!

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